Our greatest spiritual struggle

Start of the Dodson Trail Big Bend National Park, Texas

Silence on the Dodson Trail Big Bend National Park, Texas

Silence can be deafening. The mind is a very loud thing. It constantly seeks attention and distraction. It despises the present. It drives us forward to worry and dread or back to regret and remorse. It cannot stand the quiet of the present. Mine is one of the loudest of all.

Everyone’s spiritual struggle is different. Our passions, our weaknesses, our shortcomings are all different. But if ever we seek to encounter God we must eventually come face to face with silence. This is because God is not found in the whirlwind but in the still small voice. But the ceaseless noise of the mind can very easily drown out that voice.

In that silence our mind turns inward and the interior noise begins to rumble. We hate it. We want to flee it. That is why we fill our lives with noise, music, sports, movies, work, entertainment – anything to drown out the noise of the mind. Yet, to find God we must struggle with it and move through. We must silence the mind in order to hear the still small voice.

It is not the struggle against temptation and sin that is the greatest obstacle to salvation. It is the struggle against our own mind.

Si vales, valeo